Masa Iida



Zen abstract painter/singer-songwriter from Yokohama, Japan based in London.








My mission is creating music and painting  where Japanese aesthetics and Western aesthetics express sublime harmony. 






The Passion Of The Seaweed 

Acrylic on Paper A2 (42.0 x 59.4 cm - 16.5 x 23.4 in)

Filemed in The Regents Park in one lazy afternoon.

Recorded in the living room

Artists Statement (for painting)



I’m a strong believer that the truth lies beyond duality.


My goal of creation is going beyond duality.


Not love or hate nor good or bad. Something beyond them.


Duality in painting is adding and subtracting. Adding comes from putting brush marks on paper and subtracting comes from a space where no brush marks exist.


I want to create a superb balance between brush marks and a blank space.

For me both elements are equally important.

Brush marks won't  exist without empty space and empty space is not recognisable without brush marks.


Once this materialised, the painting will be visible but at the same time invisible.


The painting you can see and you can't see at the same time.


It is like you can't hear anything when you hear two sounds whose sound waves are totally opposite to each other because each sound is  canceling each other out.


There are sounds but you can't hear them.


This applies to my painting. A painting which you can't see but stays vividly in your mind.

Artist Statement  (for music)



The silence is the key ingredients for my music.


Not just notes…but a space between the notes is what I’m also focus on.


And words … not many words. Simple plots for how I feel..

I'm deeply influenced by Haiku Poetry. I just drop words in an empty blank space to create lyrics. 



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