miniMAlism (edition 1)

Tuesday 21st May 2024


I’m really happy to announce that my new exhibition starts this coming Saturday 25th April at the gallery L’embrasser in Paris.


The title is miniMAlism (edition 1) 


It’s a collection of minimalistic work I have done, but it also has focused on the Japanese aesthetic and cultural characteristic MA.


MA translates negative space, but it actually has more meanings.  Emptiness, void, nothingness, in between, silence, gap etc.


But for me it’s a relation. It’s an energy field.


So it’s not minimalism exhibition. It’s miniMAlism exhibition.


I have these elements all the time as they are two of my crucial elements.  


But they may have not been obvious in my previous exhibitions.


So in this exhibition we focused on them and display paintings which are more obvious than others.


Hope you discover something new in my creative work and please do pop into the gallery.




miniMAlism (edition 1)



24 rue Saint-Louis en I'Île ,75004, Paris

Saturday 25th August -

Opening : Saturday 25th August  6:00pm



New Exhibition in Paris

Tuesday 5th March 2024


I’m really happy to announce that my third solo exhibition in Paris starts on Tuesday 12th March at the gallery L’embrasser. 


The vernissage will start 18:00 on 15th March and I will do a solo acoustic concert of my songs as well

Hope you can make it.



彩心(iroha : couleur, coeur & esprit) edition 3

Tuesday 12th March - Monday 18th March

(The vernissage : Friday 15th March from 18:00)



24 rue Saint Louis en I’lle

75004 Paris, France


A Happy New Year!  


Monday 1st  January  2024

Very Merry Christmas to You!

Monday 25th December 2023

                                                                                                    Have a wonderful holiday season!


AKIRA NIIDA:brothers in art(frères d’art) 2023 exhibition 3

Tuesday 24th October 2023


I have a great news…


On 4th November I will join an opening party of the commemorative exhibition for a late photographer Akira Niida. 

In this exhibition, my paintings are also displayed along with Akira’s photographs. 


I also play some of my original songs including a song for Akira.


Moreover, Japanese calligrapher Masako Tanaka (Shaka) fly in Paris to attend this opening and do calligraphy performance.


It will be a fantastic opening.


Photography, calligraphy and painting are in one exhibition. 

If you are in Paris please do pop in.




AKIRA NIIDA:brothers in art(frères d’art) 2023 exhibition 3


Wednesday 1st November - Sunday 3rd December 

(Opening party - 6:00pm Saturday 4th November )



24 rue Saint-Louis en I'Île ,75004, Paris, France




Photographer: Akira Niida


Calligrapher : Masako Tanaka (Shaka)


New Exhibition in Paris

Sunday 11th June 2023


I’m really happy to announce that my new exhibition starts on Wednesday 21st of June at the gallery L’embrasser in Paris.


I will attend an opening on the 21st of June  and do 3 mini acoustic concerts coincided with Fête De La Musique.


All songs played in these concerts are my original ones and I’m really looking forward to showing a musical side of me. 


Can’t wait!!


Please do pop in the gallery! 


It’s going to be a great opening for the exhibition!



彩心(Iroha) (couleur, coeur,& esprit )exhibition Edition 02



24 rue Saint-Louis en I'Île ,75004, Paris


Wednesday 21st June- Tuesday 27th June

The exhibition opening : Wednesday 21st June 7:30pm

The mini acoustic concerts from 8:00pm



Seasonal Greetings

Saturday 24th December 2022


2022 is a truly great year in my life. My first exhibition was held in Paris. It was just mind blowing experience and I was so excited and also contented. Furthermore, 3 more exhibitions followed. What a year!


Thank you so much everyone who supported my art and creativity.

I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.


At the moment my 4th exhibition is held at the gallery L’embrasser until mid January. If you have a chance please pop in! 

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



24 rue Saint-Louis en I'Île. 75004, Paris

Wednesday 21st December - Mid January 2023



彩心(Iroha)(couleur, coeur,& esprit ) Exhibition Is Extended

Friday  9th September 2022

Just let you know my exhibition at the gallery L'embrasser is extended until Wednesday 21st of September.

Please pop in if you haven't been there! And this painting found a new home...thank you so much!

彩心(Iroha)(couleur, coeur,& esprit )exhibition





24 rue Saint-Louis en I'Île ,75004, Paris

Thursday 25th August - Wednesday 21st September.

Special opening : Saturday 3rd September from 6pm




彩心(Iroha)(couleur, coeur,& esprit ) Exhibition

Wednesday  9th August 2022

I'm truly happy to announce this...


The Paris is one of my most favourite cities in the world. I always discover something new when I visit it and never ever get tired of revisiting there at all.


And in this fantastic city my very first exhibition is coming up soon. I'm just over the moon.


The exhibition will be at the gallery L'embrasser situated in Île Saint-Louis.


The title of the event is Iroha(彩心). Iro (彩)means colour and ha(心) means mind/heart. As the word starts with the letter "i" which is one of the letters in the first line of the Japanese phonetic syllabary, Iroha has the meaning of "the beginning" with the nuance of "pioneering", and "creativity."


The period is 25/08-07/09. There will be a special opening on Saturday 3rd September from 6pm. I will attend this party.


If you are in Paris, please do pop in the exhibition and of course,party as well to say " hello"



彩心(Iroha)(couleur, coeur,& esprit )exhibition



24 rue Saint-Louis en I'Île ,75004, Paris

Thursday 25th August - Wednesday 7th August.

Special opening : Saturday 3rd September from 6pm



Ps: I appreciate so much a late photographer Akira Niida to make this exhibition happen.

In Between Aesthetics exhibition at Cass Art Hampstead Started

Thursday  8th June 2022



I'm so happy to announce that In Between Aesthetics exhibition has started in Cass Art Kensington.

There are 13 of my new paintings on show. (A2 size - A4 size) 


Thanks to the Cass Art team for all your help!

Especially Adriana who helped me hanging. Without her the hanging process will be in a chaos and took ages to finish.


Hope you can pop in to see my newly created paintings.


Sunday 5th June - Saturday 2rd July

Cass Art Kensington

220 Kensington High Street 


W8 7RG

Art Shop Kensington High Street | Cass Art

In Between Aesthetics at Cass Art Kensington

Wednesday 1st June 2022


I'm really happy to announce that my new exhibition In Between Aesthetics starts at Cass Art, Kensington on Sunday 5th June. There will be 13 of my newly created paintings on show. It will be fantastic if you can pop in!


Sunday 5th June - Saturday 2rd July


Cass Art Kensington

220 Kensington High Street 


W8 7RG

Art Shop Kensington High Street | Cass Art

Cass Art Hampstead Exhibition Extended.

Friday 3rd September 2021

I'm really happy to announce that my exhibition at Cass Art Hampstead is now extended to 11th of September.
Thanks so much to the new store manager Behzad for this wonderful opportunity!

Masa Iida Exhibition

Monday 16th August - Saturday 11th September

Cass Art Hampstead

58-62 Heath Street



Cass Art Hampstead Exhibition Started

Wednesday 18th August 2021



Hanging is done...the exhibition started...


It's been a quite stressful few weeks of learning how to frame paintings properly.


Buying a lot of materials, orderd the wrong ones, wathching YouTube videos, asking advise for framers. (Many thanks to my local framer Frame Factory Ten for advice.) I'm still learning and trying to get better framing skills, but I have learned so much about it in a last few weeks.


Thanks so much as well for all the helpful and supportive team in Cass Art Hampstead.


Now the show began, so please pop in to see 11 of my new paintings!


Thank you!



Masa Iida Exhibition

Monday 16th August - Sunday 12th Septermber

Cass Art Hampstead

58-62 Heath Street



Cass Art Hampstead Exhibition

Wednesday 11th August 2021


I'm really happy to announce that my exhibition in Cass Art Hampstaed starts next week. There are 11 of my newly made paintings on show. It will be fantastic if you can pop in!


Monday 16th August - Sunday 5th Septermber 

Cass Art Hampstead

58-62 Heath Street



The Final Week Of Reverie Exhibition

Friday 25th June 2021



This was taken in the final week of the the first group exhibition Reverie (Day Dream) by Chrom Art (please check previous post) It was great to catch up with 4 of another me. Haha...



Chrom Art Gallery

Reverie (Day Dream) exhibition

Tuesday 27th April 2021

I'm really excited to announce that I will take a part in Chrom Art Club's very first group exhibition REVERIE (Day Dream). 


Chrom Art is the organisation to help promote emerging artists.


They are a fantastic bunch of people who are truly passionate about art.


I have been many events they organised that I really enjoyed and recognised how helpful and friendly they are.


I will exhibit 4 of my watercolour works.


You can see the works from about 14 different artists.


Hope you can come down.





Reverie (Day Dream)

Friday 30th April 2021 - Tuesday 25th May 2021 (exhibition extended again)


Chrom Art Gallery

502 Kingsland Road


E8 4 AE

Masa Iida Art Shop at Sorakami (Japanese Sake e-commerce site)

Monday 8th March 2021



I'm so happy to announce that my online shop at Sorakami (Japanese Sake e-commerce site) is ready. I'm selling little A4 size (21.0cm x 29.7cm /8.3inc x 11.7inc) paintings all at £85.


There are 8 paintings available. Hope you like them!





You can reach the shop from here.



The Sunday Artisan Market in Hampstead

Friday 28th February 2020



I had a great time selling my original tote bag at The Sunday Artisan Market in Hampstead the other day despite the weather. 


It was a fun and interesting experience as I got to know how people reacted to my bag. 


It’s exciting to think about purchaser using it somewhere and my art on the bag is being exposed to public…


Next time I will try East London market. 



A couple who were selling incense next to my stall recommend me to try markets in East London as they believe my style definitely fits the arty scene in East London. Wow it’s exciting….to be continued..



Opening my Shop At The Sunday Artisan Market

Sunday 16th February 2020



I made my first original tote bag while I stayed in Japan for 3 months last year due to my mother’s illness. I can’t remember how this idea came up but I remember I was so excited when I created one. 


Since then this idea has been always in my head….


And now I’m happy to announce that I will open my little shop to sell my tote bag at The Sunday Artisan Market in Hampstead .


It will be on Sunday 23rd Feburary. 


A tiny shop with just one table but I’m really excited and  the same time I’m a bit nervous because I have never done this before. It’s truly my new adventure. 


My tote bags are not printed ones. I created my painting directly on each blank tote bag . It’s One & Only.  There will be no other tote bag in the world. If you purchase it, YOU are the only one who has it.


The Sunday Artisan Market will be held at Hampstead community Centre. It is only 3 minute walk from Hampstead station on Northern Line.


Market will open at 10am and close at 6pm. It’s indoor market so you can wondering around nicely on even rainy day. I will be there all day.


Hope see you there.



Sunday 23rd February 10am-6pm

The Sunday Artisan Market

Hampstead Community Centre 

78 Hampstead High Street


NW3 1 RE

Tube Hampstead (Northern Line)






Thank You!

Wednesday 20th November 2019



The last gig and solo exhibition at Namiya in Japan were

finished. It’s been 3 months since I arrived on 8th August as my mother went into  a critical condition.


It is a miracle that she survived. She went through a lot but now she is recovered and having intensive physiotherapy. I’m relieved and happy. 


So many things happened under my circumstances. I met a lots of new people. 


I really think I’m  a very lucky man because all these people are very supportive to me and led me take to  a new direction in my life.


I appreciate them from the bottom of my heart and would like to say huge thank you.  New challenges is waiting for me and I’m happy to take action.


Ps My paintings are still available from Namiya until the end of 2019.


Namiya website




Solo Exhibition And Acoustic Gig at Namiya

Monday 21st October 2019


I have a great news!

My solo exhibition starts soon at a wine bar Namiya I did a acoustic

gig while ago. 


The exhibition period is between 28th of October and 10th of November. 


All works are water colour in A4(21cm x 30cm/8.3inch x 11.7inch). 


There will be 10 works on display and rest are in a portfillio. I


I’m so happy that I can exhibit with a fabulous ambiance. 


I will also do an acoustic gig on 8th of November. 


Please come to see my works and the gig and not to mention off course enjoy healthy organic wine and food.


Thank you!


Masa Iida Solo Exhibition And Acoustic Live

Dates : Sunday 28th October 14:00pm - Sunday 10th November    


              Acoustic live 8th November 20:00pm

Adress : Namiya 

               TK Building 101

               4-110-6 Mugitacho Nakaku


Admission : Free

Facebook event page


Namiya's info





Thursday 3rd October  2019



I really enjoyed playing live at Brick Street Market and wine bar Namiya.


Several paintings were sold and Im really content.


Especially I have learned a lot by doing live painting.


How I should focus on energy within in front of audience and how I should release it back to the audience.


Abstract painting should be enjoyed by your totally free perception but some people are struggling to understand how to see as they tried to intellectualised.


They seemed to look into my paintings.




At wine bar Namiya I totally enjoyed ambiance.


Its space which minimalism meets nature gives me a right atmosphere to express myself through music and felt like my energy just flowed.


Its a hidden gem I really recommend to visit.


The acoustics in the space is absolutely fab as well.


Thanks so much for everyone who came to see me. I really appreciate it.



Monday 16th September  2019

It's Masa. It's been while. Im in Japan now. Its been more than a month.
Because my my mother contracted acute interstitial pneumonia and went into a critical condition and I needed to go back to Japan urgently.
I worried so much every single day not knowing what will happen to my mother.
I just took a day as it was. She is still fragile and need my support but fortunately she is recovering well.
Its still a long way to go but Im relieved.
While in Japan I thought if I can I should do something to promote O-Arc music and painting and decided to spend my spare time for it.
I tried to meet as many friends as possible for help and through some friends I got opportunities. 
I didnt bring my guitar so I bought one from a near-by shop and some materials for painting. Im ready to go.
The first opportunity is playing live and do live painting at 2rd Brick Street Market  
This is a special event for creators got together and collaborate to make event theme A Special Happenstance In Everyday Life happen.
There will be a cafe, childrens playground, workshop, music, talk, and live painting.
In Yokohama where I live there is a strong sense of community of artists and creators. Yokohama government is supportive as well.
However, Yokohama still doesn't have enough power and reputation as a Creative City.
Many local artists and creators organise lot of events to help further develop Yokohama as a Creative City. So Im glad to part of this event.
Saturday 21st September  10:00am-4:00pm
Kasetsu Kitanaka Brick
5-25-1 Kaigandori Naka-Ward Yokohama


The other one is playing live at Namiya wine bar.


They are specialising in organic wine and craft beer, and serve natural homemade food. 


This is where you can enjoy the owner Namis attention to detail.


Not only she carefully chose wine and beer and serve scrumptious natural food using her own recipe, she puts a lot of attention to cutleries, furnitures, lightsbooks and decorations to create extremely comfortable space where people meet and enjoy their own time and possibly something memorable happening. 

Admission for this gig is free but not a typical " admission free" gig.
It's not a "passing a money hat " gig either.
I really appreciate if you can decide the value of my performance by your own judgement and in return you can pay.
It doesn't matter you value my performance as little as 100yen (about £0.74)....or maybe 1,000 yen (£7.4) or 10.000 (£74).  It's your judgement.  
For me set admission fee puts the value of the performance equal and flat. The value should be different for each person and however you satisfy that your value.
If you agree I'm really glad.  Also I don't want to make my gig free because free makes people not to appreciate anything. I hope you understand.
My paintings are also on sale and they are without a price tag. You can decide the value of my painting and pay accordingly. 
Saturday 28th September 7::00pm-
101 TK Building 
4-11006 Mugita-cho Naka-Ward Yokohama
Hope we see each other one the gigs or maybe both.