My First Painting

I bought a Japanese brush pen in a Japanese bookshop near Piccadilly Circus and created my first painting.


It was back in 2015.


It is for calligraphy but I was very curious to see its effect for something totally abstract rather than creating beautiful words. So I drew something.


Brush Pen
Brush Pen

I felt so contented once it’s done.  Almost like something was expressed in a matter of seconds. It was some kind of relief. 


I also recognised that I loved the smooth sensation when a brush touched the paper. This sensation was something I addicted to since. It is a part of the enjoyment that calligrapher experience during creation as well.


Brushstroke was telling me to carry on creating.


You know, this matter-of-second experience was a hook to enter the world which you had never been experienced. It guides you to unknown territory.


I created another and another…. non-stop. 



My intuitional creation becomes an expression of myself showing who I am in that particular moment. 


My first painting
My first painting

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