I’m always excited by Ensō. It tells me a moment is everything with a full of possibility. (part 1)

What Is Ensō?

Ensō is a drawing of the circle which is a symbol of Zen. It has been said that you have to have a perfect spirit or soul to draw a perfect circle.



But “What is a perfect soul? “ “What is a perfect spirit?”  For me this idea is contradictory. Can we human-being become perfect?  I don’t think so… 



Human-being can’t be perfect or I should say that human-being is not perfect and that’s why we all are human-being.  If someone knows a perfect person I would like to be introduced to this amazing person.




However, the flip side of this is that if you want to be perfect you are forever doing something to be perfect knowing whatever you do you can’t be perfect…..


It’s a good thing because you can grow by doing something. You are always doing something to be better. 


If there is a stage where you become perfect, you stop there. There is no way you can grow from there. You are perfect so there is no need to grow anymore. 


But there is no such place. That's why you want to grow to be better. It’s a great thing.




Another thing about Ensō is that there is a hole in the middle…an empty space.

Because of empty space, something can go inside there or you cat put something in there. If there is no empty space nothing can go in or you can’t put anything.


It means to me that there is so much possibility in Ensō. If there is no empty space and filled with something, something there is everything.


Let’s say if there is an empty glass in front of you, you can pour any types of drinks, Water, orange juice, beer, wine and a list goes on and on.


But if orange juice has already been poured you can’t pour anything. You can only drink orange juice. It means you can only enjoy the taste of orange juice. 


If there has been nothing poured you can pour anything you like. There is no limit of variation of drinks. New types of drinks are invented almost every day. It means you can enjoy infinite types of drinks. An empty glass has unlimited possibilities.




It’s again contradictory to say this but a hole in Ensō or I can say emptiness has filled with unlimited possibilities.


What a Ensō!  You are doing really well…..But not only this that Ensō offers. I would like to explain further in part 2.



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