Masa Iida as a Zen Singer-Songwriter.


He started writing songs when he was 15.  He had his first acoustic solo gig at a pub Lock Tavern in Camden Town, London in 1999.


His lyrics has an influence from Japanese poetry Kaiku ( poetry in three sentences going in the order of 5 syllables, 7 syllables ,and 5 syllables ). Not many words so that he can focus on each words to make his message across. 


After various gig experiences he discovered that his music style is not something that he can directly deliver his message to the audience but rather creating ambience that audience can be indulge in. His music is not a typical western style but  into more of Japanese aesthetics. Sound and silence have equal importance. Music is a creation of sound and silence. Both are crucial. 


He is in a project with an English guitarist Neil Mason since 2007. They are called O-ARC.