Masa Iida is an abstract painter from Yokohama, Japan, living

and working in London.  



In 1996 he moved to London to pursue his music career as a singer/songwriter however in 2015 he started painting as to add more dimension of his creativity.



His background in music encourage him to see truly more of spiritual side of painting as a consequence. 



His main source of inspiration is Zen brushstroke drawing, “ensō” . In its purest form Ensō is a circle created by a single brushstroke 


(If you are curious about Masa's musical activity please visit O-ARC )













 A trace of brushstroke is created by an act of adding. On the contrary, non-painted empty blank space is done by a concept of subtracting.



Focusing on these two elements is the crucial method of my work.



I believe when my painting goes beyond adding and subtracting —when the balance between painted area and non-painted blank space has totally equal existence—creates a meditative state which viewers would be trapped in seeing nothing on paper…as expression and non expression co-existed.



It’s like you can’t hear anything when you hear two sounds whose sound waves totally opposite to each other at the same time.


I want to go beyond dualism.




I would like to achieve this in my painting.


                                 Masa Iida


Gallery Toukou

Tokyo Japan